We curate inspirations for your innovations, hoping it’s for the good of humankind and its natural environment. We are inspired by people and their most ingeniously simple creations that here and there made us happy, thrilled us and stimulated us in particularly critical moments – enforcing us to stand up and reinvent ourselves. Every butterfly was once a caterpillar and spinned its cocoon. We all need encouragment to persist in our visions, transforming fragile ideas into stories – visually compelling, tangible as products or intangible as in services. Storyline or strategy, infographic or prototype, handcrafted of industrialized – it is all a certain kind of design that tells the story of someone’s pecularity. They are all part of one, and often many people’s minds and hearts put together, therefore, let’s not forget them, but present them from the backstage of brands, companies and individual initiatives. These are the narratives that connect us, influence us and define our lives within this global tribe.