January 23, 2013

The frame of rhythm – MOE III installation

Inspired by the glowsticks, fluorescent tubes and similar elements related to identity of RAVE culture, designers Simon M. Pipercic and Vedran Kolac have designed installation MOE III. The highlight is on extruded PVC profiles connected in a dynamic structure merged with animation in a real-time generated video and graphics.


The main modules are produced as extruded PVC profiles with specifically designed connecting parts.

The assembling principle is based on spatial interweaving of tetrahedrons – three modules hang independently but are connected in one point.

Interweaving such connected groups of modules through width, height and depth of space creates an apparently random and chaotic setup.

When its final form is defined and constructed, several layers of video textures are applied to each module.

Composition of textures follows the physical structure and makes it dynamic with various animation techniques like generative patterns design and real time sound response.

MOE installations are all in one DIY projects – designed and performed by designers themselves. MOE I, MOE II Spa­tial, MOE II Decibel and MOE CLB are all member of the already known MOE familiy, familar to the visitors of some major music festivals such as Illectricity, Visual Circus, Outlook, Elevate, Illectric, etc.

— Image Courtesy: MOE.

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