November 4, 2011

Tape Installation weaves a web of tubes over Europe

The Tape Installation by Croatian-Austrian design collective Numen/For Use spread over Europe in 2010 – from Zagreb to Vienna Design Week to Berlin's Design May and Frankfurt's Schirn Kunstalle. But the culmination of its growing tour was the Red Dot award in the category Event Design for the symposium Quer on Interactivity held in March at the old Vienna theatre Odeon.

TAPE installation at Design May - Berlin.

Tape Installation was conceived as site specific object located at places like old attics, columns of historical buildings, group of tries or industrial concrete structures. The project involves wrapping 45 km of tape around posts in four days. It is created by multiple layers of transparent adhesive tape that are stretched in between a construction. The following continuous wrapping of tendons results in a complex, amorphous surface reminiscent of the growing of organic forms.

TAPE at Odeon Theatre in Vienna.

Preparing the installation made of adhesive tape is an event for us as well as visitors entering the installation. Its 3D organic form attracts visitors to enter it, sit or lie in it – they leave it unwillingly, especially children. We weave it every time according to the specifics of the given space. Visitors are fascinated by the fact that such a big object is made from adhesive tape, and after entering it they are fascinated by the feeling of lightness and security these organic membranes produce.

The idea for the installation originates from a set design concept for a dance performance in which  forms evolve from the movements of the dancers between pillars. Dancers are stretching the tape while moving, so the resulting shape is a (tape) recording of the choreography.“ – explains Numen/ForUse.

Tatjana Bartakovic

Tatjana Bartakovic

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