December 12, 2012

Table Venice by Welter Egon

Table Venice is like a piece of dream - an expression of Venice seen from the distant memory of its designer, Welter Egon. It resonates with the world seen through a child’s eyes - table as a forrest of legs. It is an extraordinarily piece of design craft which flaunts its extravagant Neoclassical influence with elegance and wit.

Table Venice is created by a French designer Welter Egon in a limited edition of 10 pieces, and it’s exclusively available at outdoorzgallery in Paris, dedicated to the promotion of  independent designers, their ideas, inspirations and above all, their craftsmanship.

Table is constructed as a triptych of 3 organically shaped table tops supported by a forrest of classically carved legs. Together they form a modular side table using one, two or all three elements.

Top of the table Venice. Image source: W. Egon.

The tables may be rotated to suit your space or separated and used individually. Legs are made from beech wood, and lacquered in Artic White, while table top can also be made in Corian. Other colors are available by request.

Tatjana Bartakovic

Tatjana Bartakovic

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