February 5, 2013

Sustainability embedded in sofa – Netframe by Cate&Nelson for Offecct

Netframe sofa developed for Offecct is based on sustainability – a common ground for company's R&D and design philosophy of Cate & Nelson. Designers had an idea to create a piece of furniture that consumes as little material as possible while maintaining a high comfort.

Netframe easy chair (Offecct). Design: Cate & Nelson.

Netframe is just being presented for the first time at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, which starts today, being the biggest happening in Scandinavian furniture and lighting design.

Cate & Nelson believe it is important to see the wholeness in their design, that the product is responsible at all stages; from production to usage, which is very apparent in their design of Netframe, their first project developed for Offecct.

We wanted that Netframe is easy to produce with minimal time and material usage. In order to succeed with this challenge we had to turn everything upside down in the development process, explained designers Cate & Nelson.

Seating collection Netframe (Offecct). Design: Cate & Nelson.

Sustainability is the value embedded in Offecct’s business model, seeing it as an important quality of their designs.

— Offecct’s products are part of significant public spaces such are  the offices of Skype and the Swedish Association of Architects as well as Nobis Hotel in Stockholm; MoMA and the MTV studio in New York, Microsoft in Hong Kong, Philips in Istanbul, MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) in New York; Schiphol in Holland, Statoil in Norway, and BMW in Belgium.

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