November 16, 2012

Rethinking fashion consumption with Le Neu Black

Copenhagen fashion brands are First Movers towards a more Sustainable Fashion Industry. Le Neu Black - a new brand and online shop - presents carefully handpicked Danish designers and brands that create and produce with consideration to the environmental and social impacts throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Fashion is the world’s largest industry very often criticized as one of the most polluting ones because of the excessively produced and unsold clothes.

Danish fashion brand MaxJenny is dedicated to innovation, wearability and function, with the passion for sustainability. They constantly experiment and work with the latest techniques and new materials. Photo source: Le Neu Black.

Therefore, new business models have become a necessity for this industry, apart from the newest tendencies of early adapting communities in Europe – which strive towards less consumption and more thought behind each purchase with focus on high quality.

Le Neu Black is a new brand and online shop where consumers can buy fashion items that are sustainable or created with thoughtfulness.

Founders of Le Neu Black: Bodil Christine Reumert (on the left) & Gunhild Johanne Reumert (on the right.

The entrepreneurs behind Le Neu Black, Bodil Christine Reumert and Gunhild Johanne Reumert believe in a ‘care for your clothing’ together with their love for style when it is functional, intelligent and individual:

“It is not only about fashion, it is about lifestyle. Furthermore, it is unrealistic to think that people will stop consume, instead we rethink fashion consumption. We care about consumption and making quality purchases that can be reused and recycled because we do not support the present ‘buy and throw out’ culture.”

How can a Fashion be Sustainable?

One of the designers Le Neu Black collaborates with is the well-known international fashion brand MaxJenny that is famous for unique colourful collections presented in over 100 stores around the world.

MaxJenny - knitted long oversize cardigan in wool with four large buttons in the front. Photo source: Le Neu Black.

MaxJenny is high-end street wear with a range of jackets and ponchos made from sustainable material that are recycled plastic bottles turned into printed fabric that is both breathable, and wind- and waterproof.

Ethics and aesthetics – hand in hand

Sustainable underwear & loungewear brand Underprotection combines ethical fashion with affordable luxury. Each design is produced from sustainable materials such as bamboo, soy and organic cotton.

Underprotection - All styles are produced in collaboration with two suppliers in India whom both are certified with respectively GOTS, Fair Trade, and Fair Wear Foundation. Photo source: Le Neu Black.

Underprotection’s certifications guaranty that there is no child labour, all workers get a respectable salary, and vacations according to Indian standards in addition to good and safe working conditions.

"Underprotection" combines ethics and aesthetics in each style without compromising on the design. Photo source: Le Neu Black.

Le Neu Black also presents designers and brands such as Lind & James, Rudolph Care, and Silverblack, that all rethink conventionality as a response to the excessive consumption.

Kevin James and Stina Lind use contradictions in materials and form that give rise to new intriguing solutions such as the geometric versus organic, resilient versus fragile, polished versus rustic, valueless versus valuable. Photo: Le Neu Black.

Lind & James is the essence of local production where innovative handcrafted jewellery is made from carefully selected materials.

Lind & James - Earrings: The Elements. Photo source: Le Neu Black.

Questioning convention

And for now the last but not the least in Le Neu Black’s collection is Vibe Johansson design with its sensual style that methaforically, just like Le Neu Black – questions convention. Its signature are shapes of simple silhouettes created with draping and its endless possibilities – allowing innovative ways to wear each item, which grants the garments dual wearability.

Vibe Johansson design is made of fabrics such as merino and alpaca wool, cashmere, soft sheep leather, calfskin, and silk.

Le Neu Black is based on a business model that is adaptable and expandable. Continuously, new designers and brands will be launched. In the near future also the finest limited editions designed exclusively to Le Neu Black.

Tatjana Bartakovic

Tatjana Bartakovic

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