October 15, 2012

MOE – design of a pop-up club made of polystyrene panels

MOE Club is a new model of MOE'e light and video augmented modular spatial construction that merges with a real-time generated video and graphics. This time is designed as a pop-up club in the shape of floating cube, entirely made of standard polystyrene panels!


MOE was first introduced on Illectricity Festival in 2009, and soon after was exhibited on vari­ous festivals and galleries throughout Europe. It’s all in one DIY project by Simon Morasi Pipercic (product designer) and Vedran Kolac (consultant in digital media).

MOE CLB 2012 by Simon M. Pipercic & Vedran Kolac.

MOE CLB is a concept for temporary and reus­able clubbing space; a pop-up club in the shape of floating cube which marks the area of a dance-floor and provides an open space for the ease of peoples movement. It can serve for various types of events – partys, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, fairs – both indoors and outdoors.

MOE CLB outdoors.

Although it is visually quite strong, the floating cube functions well in all kind of locations; either to mark the event space and invite people when outdoors, or to present a “space in a space” when indoors.

MOE CLB indoors.

The con­tent added trough video projection gives it a site-specific identity changed over time. For example, MOE CLB can be used to mark various dance floors on a festival, with an aim to visually demonstrate the atmosphere inside each.

The modular club is designed to be easily assem­bled and disassembled in any needed size, with an aim to be be easily put in a right relation with the space and context. Its walls consist of standard polystyrene panels with carved slots for intercon­nection. Due to their thickness, the modules are easy to store and transport.

The content is added trough video projection which follows the thought pattern of a physical object; every panel is textured separately, video textures are generated in real time and are sound responsive.

Current product range consits of: MOE I, MOE II Spa­tial, MOE II Decibel and MOE CLB. Therefore, its multifunctional platform offers wide spectrum of use – from an art installation toward innovative scenography at events that dinamyze the ambient by unique harmonization of space, light and music elements.

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