September 26, 2012

How design reflects the world around us? Observe the answers in Design Relations at BIO 23

The exhibition Design Relations symbolises renewed BIO 23 concept and presents a daring and critical cross section of everything that contemporary design reflects and describes in this very moment.

From the exhibition Design Relations at MAO Ljubljana. Photo: MAO.

In its 48th year, BIO 23 returns fresh and contemporary, as well as cutting-edge, and critical. “Having invited the curators Margo Konings and Margriet Vollenberg (Organisation in Design), and top jury experts, BIO hopes to reinstate itself as an event where the latest trends in the development of design can be seen. – explained MAO’s director Matevž Čelik.

BIO 23 opens tomorrow at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana featuring fresh, surprising, innovative, and even revolutionary products, ideas, and concepts that are considered exceptional achievements of original vision in today’s world.

Margriet Vollenberg (left) & Margo Konings (right). Photo: Lisa Klappe.

„The selected works for the BIO 23 exhibition show an impulse of how designers and the works they create are influenced by modern technologies and digitalisation. Other selected works show contemporary designers embracing the resourcefulness of nature and its processes, while others display an amazing capability to use technology. ” – stated the curators.

Based on their experience and expertise they’ve detected a significant trend of contemporary designers trying to answer broader cultural, social, and emotional questions besides dealing with commercial aspects.

Sven Jonke is one of the jury members at BIO 23. Photo: MAO Ljubljana.

The international jury consisting of Giulio Cappellini, Sven Jonke, Sophie Lovell, Jimmy MacDonald and Vasa J. Perović has selected the best exhibits for the awards, which will be presented at the opening of the biennial on Thursday, 27 September 2012 after 7 pm at the Museum of Architecture and Design at the Fužine Castle in Ljubljana.

The BIO 23 exhibition display was designed by Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk, whilst the graphic design of this year’s biennial is the work of the Slovene design studio Kabinet01.

BIO 23 consist of accompanying programme with various other exhibitions and events. For more info visit:

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