September 20, 2012

Flos and Patricia Urquiola presented Tatou – LDF 2012

During the London Design Festival, Flos launched Tatou - a new collection of lamps by Patricia Urquiola at its showroom in Clerkenwell. Classic antique Japanese armour was an inspiration for Tatou's design – its resistance, strength, but also dynamism, lightness and flexibility.

Tatou, table lamp (Flos, 2012) by Patricia Urquiola.

The idea behind this luminaire made up of four identical elements, interwoven to form a unified dome which diffuses direct light either upwards or downwards, as well as allowing light to pass through and discretely out of it, so creating a harmonic play on light and shadow through the pattern’s perforated sections.

Patricia Urquiola. Photo: Alessandro Paderni.

The name Tatou is the French word for ‘armadillo’, the surprising mammal with a horny protective shell. Likewise, Tatou’s shell protects against annoying direct light in your eyes, but at the same time it is slender and light.

Tatou, floor lamp (Flos, 2012) by Patricia Urquiola.

Tatou is presented in floor, table and suspension models, in two different sizes and three finishes: white, black or plum dome, combined with a base that is white, black or metallic in shades of pink.

— This year Flos celebrates 50 years of innovative design in the field of lighting.

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