October 23, 2012

Exquisite design for the Board Rooms – Graph chair & table

Since the beginning of 2012, Wilkhahn's new chair Graph has become another milestone in conference seating. At Orgatec which starts today in Cologne, Wilkhahn will present it with the castors for the first time, together with the table that perfectly mirrors the chair's key concept.

Graph chair (Wilkhahn). Design: jehs + laub. Photo: Wilkhahn.

Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub are designers behind Graph’s collection, this exquisite example of German design that perfectly balances aesthetics with the engineering.

Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub are two of Germany's most successful young generation of industrial designers.

For designers Graph can be compared to a stylish car. It reflects the comfort and supports the feeling of self-confidence needed in the high-end executive offices and conference spaces.

In this year only Graph chair was awarded with the Interior Innovation Award at IMM in Cologne, the iF Product Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award 2012, German Design Award and the Australian Good Design Award.

Superbly crafted chair - the fusion of a fluid form and a clear, streamlined look is also what sets apart the elegant foot section and the Y-shaped bearer made of die-cast aluminium with its precisely matching radii and surfaces. The modelled armrests, made of die-cast aluminium, are also pleasant in terms of haptics too. Photo: Wilkhahn.

Novelty – motion without mechanics

At the front it is placed on a Y-shaped bearer with powerful, consistently elastic connectors and at the back it is borne by a central leaf spring – the idea that is drawn from the automotive industry. Hence, without any mechanics at all, this generates three-dimensional elasticity in the bearer – a novelty in a swivel chair of this kind.

Design concept is based on deconstructivism that resulted in a seating body in several parts that appears lightweight and whose contours still convey the reassuring shape of a homogeneous, unitary seat shell. At the same time, the armrests became the central connecting points between the seat and backrest shells, creating a modular product structure that makes other model designs possible.

The Graph table

The chair’s apparently seamless foot section, armrests and seat are mirrored in the Graph table. The interaction of curved and straight areas creates light lines on the table frame which together with the vast spans convey an impression of suspended gravity.

Graph table (Wilkhahn) is going to be showcased at Orgatec 2012 for the first time. It will be available for the market from summer 2013.

The shape of the under frame profiles provides generous storage space underneath the tabletop.

The cleverly crafted table portal provides convenient access to the modules by way of a flap mechanism and a gas lift. Photo: Wilkhahn.

— Through the years Wilkhahn has proved that vision becomes reality thanks to continuity and commitment while building a culture of innovation that leads not only to financial success but to social and cultural values. To find out more how Wilkhahn is managing innovation, read our article in Methods.

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