August 29, 2011

A new social network – NET by Numen/ForUse!

Numen/ForUse has designed a new net for social connecting, and the interaction it offers keeps on being checked at the famous Belgium gallery Z33 in Hasselt that has ordered it. The NET project is an upgrade of the internationally successful Tape Installation.

NumenForUse - NET (2011) in gallery Z33, Hasselt (Belgium). Photo: Kristof Vrancke.

Net consists of multiple layers of flexible nets suspended in the air that are subsequently connected to one another on counterpoints. The first version of NET has been exhibited since the beginning of July, and it can be explored till 2 October this year.

Numen/ForUse (Sven Jonke, Christopher Katzler, Nikola Radeljković) has weaved a three dimensional biomorphic form from black nets –  a floating landscape for visitors to climb in and explore from the entrance to the highest storey. Just like the installation Tape, NET offers to all generations a chance to play and socialize – from lying to swinging – to interact in a good old physical space.

Visitros trying out the NET in gallery Z33 - Hasselt. Photo: Kristof Vrancke.

The designers believe that NET can be installed both in public spaces as well as interiors. They think that NET could become a meeting place in, for example, forgotten spaces of inner courtyards. One could climb in the net through the window and enjoy the common living room. They want to „make a network“ and integrate the urban neighbourhood that is more isolated than ever before and offer a common, many-layered terrace for resting and socializing.

Tatjana Bartakovic

Tatjana Bartakovic

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