October 26, 2012

The Revolution of the Workspace – BuzziSpace

Owing to the Generation Y – the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce – the workplace is undergoing a true revolution. The Belgian brand BuzziSpace heralds this niche and has just presented its 5 office revolutions at Orgatec in Cologne, while its products are already omnipresent at IT giants such as Facebook and Google.

Is the workplace finally stepping over to the same side as, not the “workforce” or “employees,” but the people? It seems that Generation Y (born sometime between 1979 and 1997) is the rising force that will change the conventional notion of work, which, despite the lack of gratification received from it, no felt empowered to tackle until now.

Designed by Alain Gilles, BuzziBooth Targa is a addition to the family of BuzziBooth. It allows you to work together and alone, be a team worker, but on your own. It is suitable for offices and hotel lobbies, airports and train stations, or simply your home office. Photo: BuzziSpace.

Comfy workplaces

In this age led by knowledge and networking on digital platforms, Generation Y has coalesced with technology, performing more effectively and adapting faster than previous generations. Though workaholics, their life and work fused firmly together, they choose meaningful jobs with challenges regarding high pay, transparent and creative workspaces with flexible work schedules and valuing their social lives enriched with a handful of activities.

BUZZIHUB - design: Alain Gilles. Photo: Studio BOA for 2TEC2.

“A note to their bosses: they will question your authority and walk out if you ignore their needs, their loyalty and their excellent performance! In fact, they are your future bosses.”

As Work becomes one with Life, the office requires all the elements of home – comfort, sources of inspiration, support for transparency, flexibility, and collaboration – but at the same time must fulfil the role of a “cocoon of privacy,” where people can relax, sheltered from the hum of the surrounding environment.

BuzziMe - designer Axel Enthoven came up with a well-thought-out look that perfectly combines functionality and ergonomics for the situation when the going gets tough at work and all you want to do is be on your own and enjoy some peace and quiet. The acoustic insulation of the lounge chair reduces sounds from the outside and viceversa. In a nutshell, this is the perfect chair for lobbies, airports and offices – or even at home, as your very own cocoon of peace.

Because positive acoustics have a direct effect on our concentration, performance and health, we can therefore achieve the most without being annoyed by countless distracters, either from our colleagues or the sterile interiors.

BuzziWings – the design duo Couvreur & Devos created these inventive ceiling accessories to divide large spaces both acoustically and optically. The result is a unique modularity but also subtle lighting thanks to their integrated, indirect light sources. Photo: BuzziSpace.

This trend has been the highlight of the Orgatec 2012 in Cologne, which is in line with shifting toward user-driven innovation as the newest paradigm of the recent years.

BuzziWings can be attached to your ceiling at a 90-degree angle to modulate light and sound to your tastes and preferences. Photo: BuzziSpace.

BuzziSpace covers every Work Situation

BuzziSpace is a relatively young brand based in Belgium that has been responding to the growing trend by taking into account the well being of the people and thus developing innovative acoustic solutions for professional workspaces and home offices.

Alain Gilles also designed BuzziGrid that mainly works as a sound buffer above any meeting table or desk. Here the DIY aspect is very important: the panels can easily be locked into each other to create a unique Grid, which is, of course, more than merely decorative.

BuzziSpace stand at Orgatec 2012. Photo: BuzziSpace.

The designers Alain Gilles, Axel Enthoven, Sas Adriaenssens and Couvreur & Devos have defined BuzziSpace’s authentic product line so far, while the products are being crafted using recycled PET bottles.

Older product BuzziBooth by Alain Gilles for BuzziSpace. Photo: BuzziSpace.

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