December 13, 2012

Flaw turned into beauty – the Splinter collection by Nendo

Taking wood splinters as the main design motive for the whole furniture collection, design studio Nendo has created the Splinter. This collection is alligned with the identity of Conde House for which it has been designed - known for the use of traditional techniques and wood furniture crafted at their mill in Japan on the northernmost island of Hokkaido.

Splinter collection by Nendo for Conde House (2012). Photo: Yoneo Kawabe.

Nendo has given the example how to find the purpose for a “flaw” of the wood, usually perceived as something that tends to affect its strength, durability, or utility value. Its remarkable how Nendo’s clever design has turned this deficiency into an advantage.

Detail of Splinter coat stand - its top peels away to provide coat hooks. Photo: Yoneo Kawabe.

Designers have splintered each piece of wood as though peeling it away.

Hanger rack - Splinter collection. Photo: Yoneo Kawabe.

In this way the top of the coat stand peels away to provide coat hooks, chairs’ backrests divide to become armrests and legs and the side table’s stand splinter to turn into three legs.

Splinter side table. Photo: Yoneo Kawabe.

Larger pieces of wood were kept at their original thickness to provide strength where necessary. Thin pieces of wood that had splintered off were used for more delicate parts.

Splinter armchair by Nendo for Conde House. Photo: Yoneo Kawabe.

“We approached the wood gently, going with the grain so that the wood would retain its original pliancy.” – explains Oki Sato, Nendo’s chief designer.

Splinter mirror by Nendo for Conde House (2012). Photo: Yoneo Kawabe.

Nendo’s design evokes the minimalist tradition of Japanese design, and besides its remarkable craft this aesthetics is sort of a symbol for the new paradigm – not just in contemporary design – but everyday life that longs for more humble way of living, paying the attention to the details, sustainability and personalization.

Oki Sato - chief designer in Nendo design studio and one of its founders.

Nendo emerged as one of the most distinguished design studios of the last decade bringing Japanese design in the foreground. It has attracted the attention of the most significant European design brands in the furniture segment such as Capellini, Fritz Hansen, Moroso, Esatblished & Sons, etc.

Conde House is noted for exceptional design and manufacturing quality as expressed in its line of contemporary furnishings for distinguished homes and contract market for 44 years.

Tatjana Bartakovic

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