January 24, 2013

Autoban on Design Approach

In this film by Juriaan Booij, Autoban's designers - Seyhan Ozdemir and Sefer Caglar - describe their evolution as designers and the unique approach of their Istanbul-based multi-disciplinarian studio that has realised more than 300 projects from retail design for upscale department stores to cinemas, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Seyhan Ozdemir and Sefer Caglar transform their heritage defined with the life in Istanbul into new visions and forms. Cooperating with the local manufacturers marked by strong tradition in handcrafts, and in recent years industrial production – Autoban was trying out new techniques of making things. Although at first sight Istanbul isn’t place for design, it’s actually quite the opposite – it has slowly become a design hub – reinforced with domestic companies with innovative products that enrich their historical milieu.

Autoban designs furniture that fit into each project’s story, hence their designs are led by storytelling as a starting point. Within this process they take into account the user, having in mind to create new sensations besides fulfilling the function.

When they start to cooperate with De La Espada, they’ve advanced their knowledge about the solid wood thanks to rich experience of De La Espada’s artisans.

Tatjana Bartakovic

Tatjana Bartakovic

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