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May 23, 2012

Manufakturist – custom made design

Manufakturist is the first design brand of its kind in Croatia. The products are being designed and developed handmade according to the needs of individual users. In accordance to the global back-to-the-crafts trend in design – Manufakturist designers have made a courageous step at the beginning of their career, they've invested into their own workshop where their first collection was created.

Making of BRRR (Out and About collection).

The research and product development is based on direct interaction with the users, for whom Manufakturist (Mia Bogovac, Matea Bronić, Dora Đurkesac,  Maša Milovac and Kristina Volf) designs authentic solutions. This is their approach to develop a quality, functional and aesthetic product for long term use, affordable to a wider public. The Manufakturist products are manufactured in small series (100 – 200 pieces), in case there is  interest from the wider market.

BRRR is a personal heating device, reinterpretation of old Croatian tradition.

At the Common Sense & Sensibility exhibition a selection of their collection is presented – the latest Out and About products, created as part of the Croatian Holiday design competition: clever equipment that turns sea water into salt (Pinch of Salt), W/W glass (wine slash water) with a marker for the appropriate ratio of water and wine for a bevanda or gemischt, while the personal heater Brrr is filled with light brick tiles and after being heated in an oven keep the body warm. The second part of the collection includes the coffee tables Porthos and Macho.

Table Porthos is designed by Maša Milovac, Dora Đurkesac and Mia Bogovac.


While considering occasional (coffee) tables and their function, the idea of a coffee table which differs in a way we percieve its upper, functional surface, came to mind. Porthos is an living room table made entirely out of seperate trays, which fit one into another. When assembled, it fulfills its primary function. Apart, each can be used also as a serving tray, or a storage space. The act of transferring food and beverage from one place to another inspired us to make a new, original object. Porthos is made out of maple, gradually toned, and is available in different colors.

Table Macho is designed by Kristina Volf, Maša Milovac, Dora Đurkesac and Mia Bogovac.


The name derived from the unexpected male character of this table which was designed by four female designers. Macho is made of a combination of metal and wood surfaces which are painted black to emphasize the different textures of materials. Bent metal strips are holding the upper panel made of  solid oak. The surface is etched to highlight the natural wood texture in contrast to the smooth metal legs. Depending on the dimensions of your space you can choose the small circular table or the larger oval table. Ideal for living rooms or lounge bars.

With Pinch of Salt you can create your own stock of salt while on holiday (Out and About collection).

Pinch of Salt, collection Out and About (Manufakturist, 2012)

“… and the sea so clear you think you can take a pinch of salt.”

The Adriatic is rich with sun and seawater. Create your own stock of salt while on holiday. How to use: Submerge in the sea and fill up with seawater. Take out and leave in the sun until the water evaporates leaving only the salt. Use the obtained fresh salt as desired.


W/W, collection Out and About (Manufakturist, 2012)

“There is no wrong wine/water ratio. Just more or less popular.”

Gemischt is a traditional Croatian drink. Ratios in mixing wine and sparkling water reflect both regional specifics and personal rituals. How to use: Tilt the glass and pour white wine to the plotted ellipse. Add sparkling water to the top and enjoy a wine spritzer prepared in your favorite way – “half and half”, “schkropec” or “two thirds”.

W/W glass is intented for personal rituals of mixing wine and sparkling water (Out and About collection).

BRRR, collection Out and About (Manufakturist, 2012)

In Croatia people used bricks or slates, preheated on wood stoves, to keep warm. Brrr is a reinterpretation of that tradition. Terracotta tiles joined with cloth are used to cover and heat chosen parts of the body after being heated in the oven. How to use: Put in a cold oven, on a clean surface. Heat to max. 210ºF, up to 20 minutes. Remove from oven and place on desired body part. Depending on the length of heating, Brrr can stay warm up to 60 minutes.

To find out more about Manufakturist, please visit their website.

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