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May 26, 2012

Data by Despot – colours in various textile structures

Various textile objects from the collection Data by Despot are personal imprints of passion on structures by the designer Svjetlana Despot, created while hands play with various folding patterns accentuated by bright colours.

Establishing her studio for interior design in 1992, slowly she discovered a deficiency of designed objects on the Croatian market that suited her interior projects. At first she started to produce custom made textile objects, in order to finally found the brand and the manufacturing in 2004 –  which today contains 14 collections.

While designing, her main interest lies in the study of surface structure and the reinvention of traditional crafts through contemporary processes and materials. Inspired by nature, ethnography and urban waste, Svjetlana creates by using a language of extremes, freedom and imagination in its pure state; her pieces are timeless and made to last, liberated from the trend changes set by the market.

Svjetlana Despot, designer and CEO of Data by Despot.

Data by Despot collection consists of furniture objects and accessories for home decoration (pillows,  wall installations) whose identity is uniquely expressed by felt material; chair and pillow HulaHula are the result of a research of weaving recycled stockings; various table sets and personal accessories. Data by Despot sales are starting to pickup placed in design stores and museum shops in Croatia like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Museums of Dubrovnik, etc. A small selection of this rich collection is presented at the Common Sense & Sensibility exhibition.

HulaHula chair. Design: Svjetlana Despot.

HULA HULA, chair (Data by Despot, 2010) / Design Crafts

The Hula hula chair cover is quite unexpected: the chair is dressed up in hand woven stockings (hose). More precisely, for this project Svjetlana uses new but recycled stockings which did not pass the factory quality control. The new material is an intriguing blend of contemporary resources and old techniques and the concept itself proposes new solutions to longevity of discarded objects.

Pouf Wave (Data by Despot).

WAVE, low stool (Data by Despot, 2008) / Design Crafts

The cover of Wave pouf, part of Svjetlana’s felt collection, is made of high-quality merino felt.  The intricate surface structure gives a new identity to the thick, monochromatic material. The “felt waves” are handsewn.

InsideOut boxes (Data by Despot).

INSIDE OUT, storage boxes (Data by Despot, 2004) / Design Crafts

Inside Out collection consist of storage boxes and accessories for the desk. They are all made of flexible natural felt, which by its nature makes the soft form of a box and transforms the two-dimensional fabric into a 3D space.

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